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Autumn is the perfect time of year for the creative inspiration you’ve been looking for; as the leaves turn ruby red, amber, crimson and gold.

With the days getting colder and evenings darker, we tend to spend more time at home. Just like many of us, it’s difficult to find the space at home for our hobbies. Knowing you’ve got to take all of your supplies out and put it all back again leaves us with a depleted feeling.

Have you thought about a garden studio? Insulated for all year-round use making them perfect for the coming winter months! Our garden studios are maintenance free, rarely require planning permission and have a life span of 30+ years.  It’s a great alternative for the extra space you’ve always wanted!

Start designing the garden studio you’ve always wanted on our website configurator. We have two designs to choose from: Garden Studio and Garden Studio Pro. For inspiration, have a look at our Gallery!

garden studio gallery

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