Zero Maintenance

Maintenance Free

Our garden studios are constructed as 100% maintenance free structures, including a comprehensive 10-year guarantee and designed for a 30-year+ life of maintenance free use.

This makes your garden room not only lastingly beautiful, but a practical investment too.

Zero Maintenance: The materials used to create your garden room, both traditional and engineered, are either minimal or completely maintenance free.
Your Garden Studio will be clad in FSC certified Scandinavian Redwood timber. Through the lifetime of your garden room the Scandinavian Redwood cladding will be resistant to all conditions, maintaining integrity with no treatment required. The clean and contemporary finish of your garden room will be ever-lasting, with only a maturation of the colour of your timber expected.

The Garden Studio Pro has the upgrade option for Honey Redwood or Cedar cladding, which due to their visual characteristics may require treatment to maintain their aesthetics.

The melamine interior walls of your Garden Studio are UV-stable, meaning that they will not discolour or bleach from the sunlight and will remain beautiful for the life of your Garden Studio.

We guarantee you minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment with your zero maintenance Garden Studio – leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the new addition to your home and garden.

Please visit our terms and conditions page to learn more about our 10 year guarantee.

Maintenance Free Redwood

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