Fully Insulated

Fully insulated for all year-round use

Your Garden Studio is designed for you to enjoy all year-round. We have achieved this by using pioneering insulation methods throughout the wall, ceiling and floor panels of your Garden Studio.


We custom build our wall panels in 100mm thick layered sections including; Spruce or Cedar cladding, battened air gap, a layer of PhotonWrap, high performance 50mm RockWool RWA45 insulation and solid soft white wall lining. In addition to being fully insulated, we use industry leading double glazing as standard in all of our buildings.


Heating solutions are included in the quote for you Garden Studio with an oil filled radiator supplied as standard. Your garden room is sure to be warm and comfortable for you to use all year-round, with the additional option of an air conditioning unit to keep you cool in the summer months. Contact us to find discover more about your options.

Through using quality materials and expert manufacture we are able to ensure a completely quality controlled build of a superior product.

A garden room by Garden Studio provides a contemporary and cost effective space creating solution, a great alternative to a traditional extension with all the added benefits.

Stylish White Oak Laminate Flooring

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