Foundations Included

Pile foundation system included

Included in the pricing of your garden room is our unique, tried and trusted concrete pile foundation system.

We at Garden Studio believe that the installation of your garden room should be as effortless and straightforward as possible.

In the interest of making the installation quick and effortless for you, we simply ask that the site is clear of trees, shrubs and loose slabs to create a level site. We can construct on slopes however additional ground work charges may apply.

We have been using our unique, tried and trusted pile foundation system since our opening, that’s over 10,000 garden rooms! One week prior to your installation date the foundations are drilled and capped using our pile foundation system, engineered to ensure that your garden room is level and fully supported. Concrete pads support a heavy duty floor panel, lifting the entire structure off the ground, ensuring a free flow of air under your garden room which eliminates the risk or rising damp and condensation.

Our friendly and professional team can help with any queries you may have regarding the suitability of your site or installation, contact us today with no obligation.

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